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At Rahman & Rahman we provide more than just professional legal services. We believe in a partnership with our clients coupled with an array of value-added services. Our commitment to a partnership allows us to work closely with our clients to manage risk, enhance teamwork, share information, and ultimately to improve efficiency.

Our Story

We are counsel to some of the market leaders because we take a business approach to legal services. Our experience is your guide to the…
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Our Approach

Advocating legal doctrine and its nuances on our clients’ behalf is just the tip of the iceberg. The practice of law involves more than just…
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Our Leadership

The firm follows a progressive, corporate leadership and management methodology. The role of our leadership is to ensure we deliver…
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Our Principles

Rahman & Rahman has one universal set of values which guides the business and bears testimony that our firm operates to premier standards. Our principles are based on excellence, customer service, encouragement, integrity, diversity and stewardship. These values display our principles and disposition, from the way we work to what we stand for as a team and to our clients.


At Rahman & Rahman, transformation means living our values and business principles. We stand for transformation within our organisation and with the organisations we work with. We endeavour to accurately reflect the demographics of the South African population within our structure. Our human resource recruitment process, training and development initiatives reflect this commitment.

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