Corporate Social Responsibility


At Rahman & Rahman corporate social responsibility is a way of business and there is strong drive to create a sustainable environment outside of the firm. Our goal is to improve the lives of the local people. Our focus is a long-term improvement in the environment, one that is tangibly and socially maintainable.


The Rahman Projects

At Rahman & Rahman we support a diverse range of charitable organisations with particular focus on children and women.

“Feeling Good about Giving”. Our concept of giving is more than just the giving of money or time but also benefiting others in a psychological, spiritual and emotional way, where we leave the individuals feeling good and confident to face life challenges head on.

Skills Development

We strive to be active in practical legal training in commercial work by offering in house volunteer programmes to students with a particular focus on developing and assisting deliver highly skilled paralegals. We will also provide mentorship programmes for young black legal managers in corporates as well as attorneys.

At Rahman & Rahman we have a strong focus on assisting developing entrepreneurs in law.

Pro Bono Report

At Rahman & Rahman we have confidence and believe by doing pro bono work, it gives us an opportunity to give back to our communities. We are fully committed to performing pro bono work. We have developed our pro bono policy in terms of which every lawyer within our firm is encouraged to do pro bono work.

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