Our Story

We are counsel to some of the market leaders because we take a business approach to legal services. Our experience is your guide to the law and your business success. What makes us different makes us better because we are aligned for excellence.

Our approach to law is renewed and innovative. We help our clients manage the risks inherent in cross-border international trade deals and optimise the return on investment when dealing with multi-jurisdictional counter-parties to deliver on a coherent project – safely, smoothly and with uncompromising professional diligence. Our firm is acknowledged for professional legal services of a premier calibre.

Rahman & Rahman-Africa has a growing footprint throughout Africa. Its offering to clients is unique, in that it is focused on Africa, and its offices do not operate through an associative network, but rather as one cohesive practice, one team with one brand, made up of people in Africa, working for Africa.

As a law firm with extensive working experience in Africa, we understands the many political, cultural, linguistic and regulatory contexts of African countries.

Whether dealing with the complexity of a multi-jurisdictional project, or the establishment of a start-up business we have localised expertise and global reach that ensures our clients obtain the benefit of scale and scope when doing business in Africa.


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